Sunday, October 13, 2013


It was my birthday on Thursday and my best friend made sure that it was a day to remember. I started the day with my sister, she gave me a Herschel backpack that I have been wanting for my trip to Tokyo, and also a bottle of Crystal Head vodka. I blew out candles on a decadent, triple chocolate cake and then waited for my friend to arrive. Again, I was spoiled with gifts! He bought me tickets to see the Australian production of Les Miserables, and a shirt and a hoodie from Blackcraft Cult. I was quite pleased indeed! Onwards we went to a surprise location for lunch. We ended up at the Abbotsford Convent Bakery where I tried the most delicious and rich custard tart I have ever had in my life! The pastry was crisp but not hard, and the custard was thick and sticky and creamy. The coffee wasn't bad either.

Afterwards, we strolled the convent grounds and then decided to finally visit the Collingwood Children's farm which, contrary to the name, does not have children roaming the fields.

I have wanted to visit the Children's Farm for ages and, despite the miserable weather, found that this was a spectacular time to visit. We were the only people there, we were allowed to roam freely without the screams and frustration of children everywhere. We got to see a kid (baby goat) that was only born the evening before and could barely walk. We got to sit and stroke a cat while the rain drizzled. We watched the sheep eat and the horses play. It was such an amazing time.

Afterwards we walked to Brunswick street and sat on the balcony of Naked in Sky and drank a toast to my birthday. D.O.C was my choice for dinner and a few glasses of wine with some authentic Italian pizza sure hit the spot. D.O.C continues to impress me with their customer service, flavours and honesty. We walked from Fitzroy to Brunswick, ate too much cake and I then ended the night with idle internet browsing.

I celebrated my birthday again on Friday night with a few friends. I was quite disappointed that people who said they would turn up did not, and most people didn't even respond to the invite. I had a great time with those who attended and made the effort for me on my birthday. I will definitely be rethinking the people that I call 'friends'. All in all it was a wonderful birthday and I think my 27th year will be an excellent one.

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