Thursday, October 24, 2013

KISS suck?

I think the moment he said "...but who thinks KISS is better than Motley Crue anyway?" I should have known the night wasn't going to end well. I went on a date last night with a guy I met at a bar on Monday. We both found each other attractive, liked each other's tattoos and seemed to get along...until the date. Don't get me wrong, the date was fun, but I think I knew straight away that we weren't really going to end up seeing each other again. It began with an argument over KISS and Motley Crue. I am, of course, a life-long lover of KISS and think they're amazing and he, on the other hand, thought KISS was pathetic and Motley Crue were way better. I should have just walked away. I tried to discuss television shows with him and he said that he didn't watch anything American, and hadn't watched cartoons since he was a child! He was only three years older than me! I then went on to discuss video games which he thought only bored children played. Sigh.

It was then his turn to attempt conversation; he asked me what rock and metalcore I listened to. I don't listen to either. He then proceeded to get into a rant about how veganism doesn't exist, made a few racist remarks concerning Jews and African Americans and then decided we should head to another bar. Again, I should have just went home.

It was at the final bar that the night imploded. We got into an argument about legalising homosexual marriage. He believed the only reason people supported the legalisation of homosexual marriage was because they really just wanted to "get on the bandwagon" because "really, who cares?" Now, I am all for people expressing their opinions, it's their right! And, usually, I can let someone have an opinion without ramming my opinion down their throat BUT in the case of equal rights for homosexuals, different races, the mentally ill or handi-capable folk my opinion is right and I will question you relentlessly about why you feel that other people shouldn't have the same rights that you do. To me, there is a wrong and a right opinion in terms of equality, and, well, he had the wrong opinion. From my shocked and disgusted look and argumentative tone I guess he thought I wasn't someone he wanted to deal with for even a moment because when I went to the bathroom, he left. Yep, I was ditched by a racist, homophobic, sexist douche bag. Then as I walked to my tram stop, a homeless man told me I looked like a prostitute. It was a wonderful end to a wonderful evening...

Edit: He messaged me and apologised. I guess that takes the sting out of it a little. I was having a fun night, despite the weird bits, but I guess our lack of anything in common kind of killed it.

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