Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day Three Through Five: Olinda

I have returned from the mountains of Melbourne, spent a day recovering, and now I come to you live from the warmth of my living room. As a belated anniversary celebration, Karl and I took the hour and a half trip to the little town of Olinda which is nestled amongst the Dandenong ranges. Olinda holds a special place in our hearts; it's where we got engaged. It's a cute little town with not much to see and an average temperature of about 6 degrees Celsius in Winter, which makes it an awesome place to sit back and relax.

And, believe me, by the time you get there all you want to do is relax! It takes about an hour, on public transport, travelling through some of the most awful neighbourhoods in town to arrive at the bottom of the mountain range which leads to Olinda. It then takes a further twenty minutes of twisting and turning on a tiny bus (which is torture with someone with extreme motion sickness to endure)to arrive in Olinda. But when you're finally there it's beautiful, and quiet, and clean, and relaxing.

We stayed in the most isolated cabin L'Ochiel could provide. It was nestled right in amongst the trees and was fully equipped with all the facilities required to relax - a king sized bed, giant spa, fire place and two balconies.

After arriving we spent three days eating beautiful food (and some not so beautiful food),

Snuggling in front of the fire, making s'mores (and other things, wink, wink),drinking wine, and tattooing ourselves...

And scouring the local stores for hidden treasures.

It was an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate the first few days of our sixth year together.

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