Monday, July 11, 2011

And then things fell apart...

Things are not so good for me at the moment.
Actually they're quite bad.
If any of you out there have been diagnosed with anxiety/panic disorder and have a positive tale of recovery to share I'd love to hear it.


  1. I have a bunch though not all of them are mine. I think this is a great idea though bc the must important thing to remember about depression and anxiety is that they will get better. whether ths attacks are your brains way of telling you you are unhappy with something on your life, or your body is just not working on quite the way it is supposed to, it is going to get better.

    I have quite serious seasonal affective disorder and a lot of my coping strategy is reminding myself that I just need to get through this day of feeling like crap and then I will feel better. I have gotten a lot better than I was by making some changes in mt life,.and also dumb as it might sound getting exercise helps.

    I know this isn't really what you asked for, I don't I have you chicken soup for the soul kind of story, but I do hope it helps you realize that you aren't alone and there are ppl around who have been there.

  2. I really wish I could say something to help. I'm not familiar with any anxiety tales.

    Chin up.

  3. Hey Del, I hope you're holding up OK. I had mild to moderate anxiety issues as a teenager but have managed to rid myself of a lot of my fears and phobias over the years. I still have some things that I have to work on but I am nowhere near where I was 10 or so years ago. What helped me was myself, really. I had to consciously work on doing the things that I was afraid to do. By doing this, my fears eventually eased to be almost non-existent. It took a lot of time for some things but it worked for me. If you feel you are up for it, Igor (Laura's bf) does hypnosis and hypnotherapy, which apparently does help with things like anxiety. Both of my sisters have had good results from him working on them. I am yet to really try it because, well, I'm still not comfortable doing so but I might try it myself soon. Anyhoo, I hope you're OK. Sending some good vibes your way, lovely!!

  4. Thanks everyone. Every little piece of information and advice is helping me through this at the moment. It was a tough day today and yesterday was worse, so at least things are slightly improving.

    Tole - I usually exercise up to three hours a day (I'm a bit of a gym junkie) but today I only made it to the front of the gym and couldn't do the class because I had a panic attack. As soon as I can get in the door I'll be kickin' some ass in Combat again :)

    Steph - I'm looking in to a psych, probably someone who specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Unfortunately, I just don't believe in hypnosis enough to give it a full go and I believe that believing something works is the key to it actually working.

    But thank you all for the kind words and advice. It all helps and I appreciate the support so much.

  5. Hey hunny, time to psych youself I think?? I've only had one or two panic attacks in my day. I found acknowledging that what was happening was a reaction to an emotionally-charged stimuli helped me. I also found correlations with the attacks and sudden changes in temperature (ie. I'd be curled up on the floor of the shower because I had the water on too hot and it set me off)

    Was there mention of a certain type of panic or anxiety that attacks are associated with? Or is it generalised? A family member of mine was pretty heavily closed off with depression and anxiety for about 15 years. He found that professional websites like Beyond Blue ( really helped him. It's a way to describe what's happening internally and express personalised experiences if it.

    I'm going to send you my Skype account name over facebook OK? Text me whenever you want to have chats. Love your guts xx

  6. Hey lovely... hope you're okay. Panic/anxiety disorder is not something that I've ever been diagnosed with but I do have panic attacks from time to time so I know how horrible it can be to get to a state where you lose complete control of your sympathetic nervous system... so I'm sending love your way and hoping that you are okay. I've never really been able to combat any of the panic attacks I've had, I know why they occur and what they are a symptom of but can't really 'control' them so I'm sorry I can't offer any advice :( One thing that I do find useful is attempting to stop the heavy adrenaline flow that occurs when you have a panic attack by doing things like lying down and concentrating on long, deep, controlled breaths. Using cognitive techniques to control adrenaline also work for me sometimes like thinking that my anxiety is unjustified, I am safe and I will get through this moment. Anxiety is horrible and it's not something I've had to deal with that often, so I feel for your lovely. Look after yourself. :)

  7. Katy - You're right. I had a huge panic attack Tuesday and laid down on the floor and just cried. My mother talked me through some breathing exercises and I was alright. It's the best thing during an attack I've found.

    Sheree - It's Generalised Anxiety Disorder and it's quite severe. The doctor has prescribed some pills and has advised that I start therapy in about a month. Although, I've already self-psyched myself and know the root of it all. I just need help working through it. I tried to find you on Skype but couldn't :( Add me! I'm Mrdelanor!

    Thanks guys for checking in!