Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day Two: Soda Rock Diner

On the second day of our Melbourne "holiday" we took it fairly easy: stocking up for items needed on our impending stay at Olinda, having a latte at Market Lane and preparing our two kittens for their baby sitter. But, to prevent the day being boring, we decided to head to Soda Rock Diner : A 50s style diner that serves "hamburgers just the way they used to taste". I dolled myself up and we set off.

The Diner is only about five minutes down the road so we arrived before, what we thought would be, the busiest time. Alas, when we arrived every booth was full. We waited a moment before being seated and then placing our order. I decided on the veggie burger ( a veggie patty with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise and ketchup), and Karl had to have the Hub Cap (a beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles, sweet pickle relish, mustard and mayonnaise. We also ordered some hot chili fries to start. And then it all came undone...

We waited fifteen minutes...and no fries, no burger, nothing. We waited another ten minutes, casting glances at the kitchen staff who seemed to be creating milkshakes and nothing else. We then finally got our two burgers which were hastily thrown onto the plates but no chili fries. We had to ask them for the fries, which took a further five minutes to arrive. The burgers weren't great, if this is what they "used to taste like" then I pity those who ate burgers in the 50s. The veggie patty was mashed potato and frozen peas mushed together and was really bland. Karl's burger was marginally better but honestly, if I was going to pay that much for a sub par burger I'd just get Hungry Jack's. The Chili fries were much better, spicy, crunchy and soggy all at the same time. I really enjoyed them. But the long waiting time left a sour taste in my mouth. I'd understand if it were Rock Pool or Movida but this is "fast food"! How long do fries take to make? I'll tell you, about three minutes. It was so frustrating and I was sorely disappointed.

The dessert was, luckily, something to be happy about. We ordered two sundaes: The Oreo cookie sundae and the rocky road sundae. Both were delicious! The ice-cream was creamy and delicious, there was tonnes of hot fudge sauce and the cherry on top was...well..the cherry on top.

I think if I was to go back to Soda Rock Diner I would go for dessert after eating somewhere else, definitely not for a main meal. But for those of you who have never experienced the whole 50s diner thing, I'd give it a go. It's definitely better than Misty's Diner and cheaper too!

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