Friday, May 13, 2011

En Hiver

Since I moved to Melbourne, a place that unlike my home town has more than one season, I have loved Winter. While everyone else hides under their blankets, mourning their lack of tan, I rug myself up and go exploring. The smell of rain, and wet leaves mingled with the smell of smoke from long slumbering chimneys invigorates me, and fills my head with crisp, new ideas for the cold months ahead.

This year, it just so happens that I will be on the mid-year university break and I will actually be able to enjoy the Winter months how I see fit. So, I have devised a list of things I would love to do over the much anticipated (and deserved) break.


I have a pile of books gathering dust on my desk, and on my bed side table, and on my bookshelf that I have not been able to read due to a ridiculous amount of work I have had to do for university. Primo Levi calls to me. Margaret Atwood beckons. Walt Whitman withers away from neglect. I'm going to rug up, take a well worn tome to a secluded corner and devour it slowly. Sounds like fun to me.


Okay, so this may sound a little average but this is a pretty mean feat for me. You see, I don't watch movies. I didn't like the movies coming out of Hollywood for a while there, so I stopped watching them and just forgot to start again. So, I have resolved to have several movie marathons with my beloved over the semester break. We wont be watching many recent movies, or any I can think of yet, we will mostly be watching cult classics, horror, favourite childhood movies, things we want each other to see basically. I'm devising a list so any recommendations are appreciated. So far we will be viewing: Schindler's List (No, neither of us has seen it. And yes, I'm ashamed), Jaws, Tremors I, Dark Crystal, Legend, The Breakfast Club (Karl has to see atleast one John Hughes film in his lifetime), Grease (One of my favourite childhood movies that Karl has never seen), and What's Eating Gilbert Grape? It should be an enlightening and surprising experience.


I'm a baking fiend usually. I love experimenting with different recipes for cakes, puddings, slices and cupcakes. Unfortunately, as wih most of my hobbies, baking has been put on the back burner while I finish up my final year of my undergraduate. I miss it. I miss creating colourful and delicious treats for the ones I love. And seeing as the temperature has dropped, and the blankets are out, now is a perfect time for creating decadent, syrupy puddings to warm from the inside out.


This Winter I want to actually wear warm clothes, instead of hiding inappropriate Summer clothes under a big coat. I want to play with fabrics - fur, wool, velvet, leather; I want layers upon layers of colour and texture. I want scarves and hats and gloves in pastel pink, blue and green. I've already started on this fashion adventure, I must admit. I bought the most gorgeous scarf today, It's stunning and purple and woolen and thick and fabulous.


I need to get back in touch with my inner Hemmingway this Winter. I need to curl up next to the heater, with a fluffy kitten in my lap and write. I've stopped writing over the past few months due to aforementioned drudgery but I really need to get back into it. I need that outlet.


Karl and I have been engaged for almost a year, and everyone keeps asking us when. When? When? WHEN? So, we've decided to tie the proverbial knot next September. Over this Winter break, Karl and I are going to scope out some reception venues, finalise the guest list, and then I while I have time I will get to work on crafting the invitations. I'm taking on a monumental task, trying to plan a wedding while finishing my undergraduate degree and beginning my masters (if I am accepted) but I'm excited. Millions of young women have gone before me so I know it's possible and the results are beautiful.

So bring on the Winter. I'm ready to get back in touch with myself and the things I love.

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