Wednesday, April 6, 2011


By the age of twenty-four you're supposed to know where you are going. At the age of twenty-four your wings should have unfurled, and you should have taken flight into the glorious, bright blue future. You're supposed to have accomplished some goals, seen some sights and basked in the gloriousness of the first quarter of your life.

Well, I missed that memo.

I'm still in my sepia cocoon, otherwise known as university, and while I am due to be lovingly pushed out of that nest at the end of this year I have no clue as to which direction to flap my fragile wings. I should have worked this out by now, right? Gotten an idea over the past six years, and three degrees, of what I'd like to do in the world? I'm supposed to complete my undergraduate degree and walk into a job, or an honours program, or a post-graduate course like a normal, well-adjusted, well-rounded university graduate. And I plan on doing that, I PLAN on doing that. I just have no idea which door to choose.

Will it be door number one - Entering the workforce? And by entering the workforce I mean "struggling to find someone to hire a fool like me with an arts degree for anything other than admin". No, this will be the last resort. My final exit. I cannot be condemned to a life of administration duties at a small auto-shop after all of this education. I will not surrender.

Or will it be door number 2 - Honours Program? I've thought about it, and while the prospect of studying an area of history I actually enjoy, in depth, for a whole year appeals to me I don't think it will be beneficial for me in the long run as I don't plan to continue in the research field.

So, is it door number 3 - Postgraduate studies? This is the option I am leaning most towards at this point. I have selected two university programs at the University of Melbourne which I will be applying for in August of this year. They are both in completely different areas of study but I am happy to follow the road less travelled if need be.

It's been a hard road getting to this point; Sitting with my thoughts and dredging my soul for the right option or at least AN option to choose from. But I have options now. There is an end in sight, I can see the light through the tip of my cocoon and envelops me in the warmth of the future.

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